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MMS Standards Roundtable

The 9th Midwest Measurement Society Standards Roundtable was a huge Success thanks to your participation and as well as to the continued commitment of the Board of Directors and the Roundtable Planning Committee specially Duane Harris with Flow-Cal, Spencer Magana with Cherokee and Kyle Bates with Williams for their dedication and leadership. This roundtable would have not been possible with out the support of our sponsors specially our principal sponsors Flow-Cal, TMCo, Cherokee Measurement & Control and Daniel. We would also like to thank Francis Tuttle for their continued cooperation and for allowing us to use their campus, specially Matthew Maynard and his staff for their continued support of the Roundtable. This year was a specially difficult one due to the downturn in our industry, however we had a total of 123 attendees! compared to 120 in 2014.
We have started to make plans for the 10th Midwest Measurement Society Standards Roundtable, if you would like to participate please let us know.

Thank you

Jorge Delgado
Midwest Measurement Society

If you are interested in sponsoring the 10th Midwest Measurement Society Standards Roundtable in 2017, please check out the sponsorship invitiation attachement for details.  A sponsorship will include one attendee registration.  There is a box in the billing section of the registration form to check if your company would like to be a sponsor.  Please email the form back to  Kyle Bates at midwestmeasurement or mail to Midwest Measurement Society, PO Box 471281, Tulsa, OK 74147. 
We hope that many of our members will take advantage of the new PayPal payment option located in the PayPal Options tab.  

Midwest Measurement Society Members,
Aug 29, 2016, 7:25 AM